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TA2 Band

Peter Autschbach's TA2 is a brand new  jazz rock band of four musicians based in Germany. With Peter Autschbach (guitar), Marta Danilkovich (violin), Nico Deppisch (bass) and Jan Melnik (drums).

Compositional finesse and dynamics characterize the band's original compositions. Between the lightness of jazz and the earthy backbeats, sophisticated solo interludes find their place, which also reflect the personal style of each musician.

"TA2 is our brand new  band, in which I am surrounded by exactly the right people: Nico Deppisch (bass), Marta Danilkovich (violin) and Jan Melnik (drums) are an absolute godsend:
I have been friends with Nico for more than twenty years and he is and will remain my favorite electric bass player. Everything is very simple with Nico: I give him a call and every bass problem is solved.
I met our violinist Marta Danilkovich at the Musikmesse in Frankfurt and later worked with her on my commissioned composition "Wir sind Demokratie". Marta intones her notes with unbelievable certainty, she is virtuoso, she can rock out in a rousing way and then touch again with very delicate melodies. And on top of that, she's a great woman with a great stage presence. It's not for nothing that our first piece is called "Welcome Marta".
Our drummer Jan Melnik is the bundle of energy that gives us the drive we need to get the music across powerfully. When Jan is on the drums, we all play and sound better. He knows exactly when to step on the gas or to hold back and he grooves wonderfully. By the way, kicking off our first meeting was his very clever idea!"


TA2 Band - Twilight

TA2 Band - Welcome Marta