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"Frankfurt star violinist ... Marta Danilkovich ... fills concert halls, people cheer, casts a spell on the violin ..."
(BILD Frankfurt Rhein-Main, 30.10.2019)


"Violinist Marta Danilkovich in her sparkling evening dress caused goose bumps moments"
(Heidenheimer Zeitung, 03.12.2019)


"Many of the numerous visitors then unanimously said that it had been the most beautiful concert in this series for them so far."

(Giessener Zeitung, 29.12.2019)


“To the internationally award-winning Duo Divites. The violinists Vladimir Bodunov and Marta Danilkovich already played in the legendary Carnegie Hall in New York and in the Mozarteum in Salzburg. The sides are plucked and crossed out, the tonal is interwoven with the atonal, in this polystylistic, furious sound kaleidoscope the alienation shimmers alongside the more familiar. A discovery!"

(Gäubote, 07.09.2020)