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This CD contains songs of completely different genres: soul, film music, rock, disco, metal. But all these genres are united by a rich, emotional and virtuoso performance on the violin. The songs collected on this CD are the most beloved by the public performances performed by Marta at concerts and also Marta's personal favorite songs.

Marta comments on her values and ambitions:  "It doesn't matter what genre the music has, the main thing is that this music awakens emotions and imagination, takes us to another reality when listening. I play with great pleasure various music styles as in classical, rock, pop and progressive metal, but with a clear definition between each performing style and the manner of playing.  Music is an international language of human emotions, experiences, with expressions of feelings and thoughts.  In each music style, I take from it the most vital element.  In classical music the violin technique, the beauty of sound, the depth of thought and emotion.  In rock and pop it's a feeling of rhythmical groove.  Metal music is tension and fifths with fourths.”


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Duo Divites

Cogitare et Sentire

Marta Danilkovich & Vladimir Bodunov, Violins


Arrangements: Vladimir Bodunov (for two violins)


Duo Divites (in Latin "divites" = rich) impressed the public and the trade press with its rich, emotional and intense sound, together with virtuosity and synchronicity. Unparalleled arrangements make this duo something special and extraordinary. The experience of the two musicians playing together is something quite revolutionary as this duo brings something completely new to the stage. The programs of the two violin virtuosos were developed and put together by experimenting in practice over the course of more than 10 years of collaboration. In this way, new horizons and technical solutions are revealed by breaking common stereotypes. Duo Divites has played in world-famous halls such as Carnegie Hall in New York and the Mozarteum in Salzburg and has received numerous awards.

This album features a selection of the most outstanding works by the greatest composers of various epochs, from the baroque to the modern tango. In the original, these pieces of music were composed for completely different ensembles, such as a symphony orchestra, an organ or even a complete opera ensemble. The really skillful arrangement of the two virtuoso violinists leaves nothing to be desired in terms of sound. On the contrary, they enrich the music with new timbres through the very skillful use of violin playing techniques and thus combine the depth of the musical structure with expressiveness in a unique way. Think and feel - Cogitare et Sentire.


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