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Brand new Band TA2 Live Music Video "Welcome Marta"


Marta intones her notes with unbelievable confidence, she is a real virtuoso, she can rock out in a rousing way and then again touch the listeners with very delicate melodies. And on top of that, she's a beautiful woman with a great stage presence. It's not for nothing that our first piece is called "Welcome Marta"

Peter Autschbach

Brand new Band TA2, Live Music Video "Tighlight"

New Musicvideo: Joe Satriani - The Extremist - Violin Cover


"Marta is an unbelievably great violinist. Due to her versatility, she offers her listeners a very wide range of musical styles. Her way of reaching the hearts of other people and manages to sweep every audience along in a very short time. It is always a pleasure to listen to Marta because she is not only musically outstanding, but also an extremely respectful and wonderful person."

Alexandra Körner

New Musicvideo: Marilyn Manson Cover, The Beautiful People

New Musicvideo: Tango in a Madhouse

Marta Danilkovich started studying music when she was six years old. In the meantime she has played concerts in the fields of classical, pop, rock, metal and crossover as a soloist and in various line-ups. She has given appearances in more than 30 countries around the world, including the famous Carnegie Hall in New York. She won various international competitions and many prizes.