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Marta Danilkovich's captivating stage presence, enormous tonal range, years of experience and pursuit of perfection have made her a highly sought-after concert and show violinist. With her experience in classical music, film music, jazz-rock, pop, disco, rock and more, she has performed in over 20 countries, including prestigious concert halls such as Carnegie Hall in New York and the Mozarteum in Salzburg. She is the winner of several international competitions capturing numerous prizes. Marta's versatility is evident in solo performances, collaborations with ensembles, bands and in chamber music formations, making her a sought-after choice for concerts, VIP events, corporate parties, galas and television productions. Since 2020 Marta has been working intensively with Candlelight Concerts by Fever and is active as a soloist and artistic director with her own Divites Quartet in Frankfurt am Main and other cities. With over 30 years of violin playing experience, Marta captivates audiences worldwide with her soulful storytelling and rhythmic groovy grace. She presents her talent on a valuable Italian violin by Raffaele Trapani (built in 1820), generously donated by master violin maker Peter Körner from Mainz. With several highly acclaimed albums (1.classical, 2. crossover and 3. original fusion music), Marta continues to cross musical boundaries, making her an unforgettable highlight for any occasion that will delight any audience.


Rheinische Post, concert report

"The sensation of the evening is Marta Danilkovich. "Welcome Marta": The violinist brings a stylistic diversity to the band's playing. Her CDs with recordings ranging from Bach and Vivaldi to Astor Piazzolla, Metallica and Marilyn Manson are on display at the merchandise stand, while on stage she enriches Autschbach's TA2 compositions with perfect intonation. Sometimes she plays the wild fusion intervals in unison with the guitarist, sometimes she thunders power chords on the G and D strings. And when she plays her extended solos in dialogue with Autschbach, her playing remains lyrical for all its virtuosity - a completely new colour in fusion rock."

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Stöffelpark, concert review

"Marta, however, can not only fascinate with her virtuoso and unconventional violin playing, she also switches "on the fly" to the keyboard or sometimes sets the tone with her voice. Respect! She shines a bit like a crown of the whole, beautiful TA2 music creation."

Tatjana Steindorf


Newspaper "Gießener Allgemeine"

"Perfect in playing and professional in performance, Marta Danilkovich can certainly be placed in a row with her colleague David Garret"

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Westphalian News

"A violinist in a jazz-rock formation! Naturally, he was the first to set the tone, before handing over to Marta Danilkovich, who captivated the audience with her violin playing from the very first second."

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Giessener Anzeiger" newspaper

"Great art doesn't need a big stage. Giving up is not an option" - Interview with Marta Danilkovich and Kira Petry about corona, passion and the future.

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Schwäbisch Media

"The varied electric guitar sounds were emphasized in a special way by precise unison interplay with Marta's classical violin, proving that there is always something new to discover in fusion jazz, both in terms of world music and rock."



"Marta is an incredibly great violinist. Thanks to her versatility, she offers her listeners a very broad spectrum of musical styles.

She reaches people's hearts with her manner and manages to captivate any audience in no time at all. It is always a pleasure to work with Marta, as she is not only musically outstanding, but also an extremely respectful and wonderful person."

Alexandra Körner


"Marta put on a perfect show at each of her two appearances at our gala. We were always able to communicate very quickly in advance. Marta is very nice and she realised our wishes promptly and appropriately for the gala. We as organisers, the audience and the press were delighted. Marta gave us goosebumps in her sparkling evening gown."

Brigitta and Anja Schadhauser, RSG Heidenheim